On a Mission to Empower Students

College Factor empowers students to become college graduates and to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  We promote higher education in low-income communities and work with families and schools to ensure students have the academic skills in math and literacy to become college graduates.

Why Get a College Degree? 

 Higher education is the gateway to a brighter future.  Having a college degree will bring you more financial stability, better job opportunities and a higher quality of life.


In the US and around the world there is a growing demand for those with higher education while the need for those with less than a college degree continues to fall.  

News Update:  College Factor Interviews Professor Mayo 

"I think math is important because it teaches you how to think...it's a lesson in logic, which is such a useful skill no matter what field you plan to enter". - Prof. Talea L. Mayo 

Student Feedback 

College Factor helped me better understand math because of the way they explain and help us remember things.
I like the College Factor program because we've learned different types of math through each exercise we  complete.
College Factor was really helpful  for my students.  The bilingual instructor provided material to challenge students  and prepare them for college.

Student Feedback 

Teacher Feedback 

Join us to empower students to become college graduates.